Healthcare Reform: Ending Obama Care 2’s Top 3 Myths 2

Healthcare Reform: Ending Obama Care 2’s Top 3 Myths 2

Health Reform Effect on People with Health Insurance

People who currently have one form of health insurance or the other will be transferred to the brand new policies in 2014. Therefore, the coverage will be affected directly by this because of the health policies they have currently will disappear and will be assigned to a new Obama Care policy in 2014.

Health reform effect on uninsured people

Uninsured persons have an additional problem that if they do not get health insurance in 2014, they will face a mandatory penalty. Some of the healthy uninsured will see this fine and say, “Well, the fine is 1% of my adjusted gross income; I get $ 50,000, so I’ll pay a $ 500 or $ 1,000 fine for health insurance. In that case, I’ll just take the penalty. “But anyway, they will be directly affected by health reform. Through the mandate, it affects both the insured and the uninsured.

Health reform effect on people with protected health plans.

People who have protected health insurance plans will not be directly affected by health reform. However, because of the life cycle of your protected health plan, these plans will become more expensive as you discover that there are plans available now that can easily be transferred to those with a richer set of benefits that would be most beneficial for any disease and chronic health problems they may have. For people who stay on these exempt plans, the plan’s subscriber group will start to shrink and as this happens, the cost of these insured plans will increase even faster than it is now. Therefore, people on protected health plans will also be affected by Obama Care.

Effect of health reform on people with group health insurance

The latter, the small group market, will be the hardest hit by health reform. While health care policy regulations to a large extent influence large and midsize businesses and companies with around 50 or more employees, the smaller businesses will also be impacted, even if they are not included in Obama Care. What a lot of research is starting to show is that some of the companies with 10 employees or less will seriously consider their option to completely cancel health insurance coverage and will no longer have this as a company expense. Instead, they will make their employees obtain health insurance through health insurance exchanges.