New review of Anthem Medicare PPO

New review of Anthem Medicare PPO

Anthem Blue Cross launched a recent policy in California known as the Preferred Standard PPO of Anthem Medicare. Now, this plan really is available at and a renewal of the former Freedom Blue, in which tons of Medicare recipients enrolled. On September 16, agents and brokers were notified to stop and stop marketing this product until further notice. About two weeks later, we received a notification from the Anthem Medicare Preferred or AMP plan.

The biggest difference is that it is a kind of local PPO instead of a kind of regional PPO, meaning that many people have been cut. This policy formerly engulfed the whole of California and currently just a few municipalities will have access to the Medicare Advantage PPO network. Beyond that too, only three of the municipalities will continue to receive the “zero cost” option; Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura. All other municipalities will now have a monthly premium for this plan, which ranges between $40 and $131/month. For some, this is not a problem, but for many Medicare beneficiaries who depend on Social Security or a fixed income, this poses big problems.

Other Medicare beneficiaries are not so lucky if they live in rural California. Many of the central municipalities of the state have little or no option for Medicare Advantage plans. This means they will have to go back to Original Medicare and only carry a Part D (prescription drug plan) or pay higher premiums for a Medicare supplement plan.

As for the Preferred Anthem Medicare plan, it is expected to work well in the available municipalities, but does not yet have an official CMS (Medicare Service Center) rating. It continues to offer the Anthem PPO network of doctors and hospitals, one of the largest in the state. The plan has a $ 300 deductible that applies to outpatient services and applies to maximum out-of-pocket expenses. The maximum expense of $3,400 is the maximum you will have to spend in the calendar year, including co-payments and deductibles, which is one of the lowest amounts compared to most other Medicare Advantage plans.

Anthem Medicare Preferred includes a Part D plan with reasonable copayments for a 30-day supply and even lower for 90-day mail orders. In addition, you will have access to Silver Sneakers, which allows a free monthly gym or fitness membership at participating locations. There are also optional benefits of Dentistry and Vision, for an additional prize, of course. So, for those who are looking for a flexible low-cost plan that allows them to keep their doctors and not need to bother about requesting for referrals when the Medicare Advantage Standard PPO policy of Anthem is of immense value.